There is old events and new...

  Old is the sailing from 2006 and even older is the sailings from the nineties

2009-05-28 Two years have passed...

Well, a lot of things haas happend but not all about sailing. Anyway, we are slowly growing and Optimism is our mantra!

 Times passing... Im still waiting for my certificate,,, A smaller yacht has been purchased and  some maintenance is being performed. So is testsailings of coming routes where  night havens outside ports in the arcipelago and other features are examined.
2007-05-07 "Certificate for yachtsmen" (sw: "Fartygsbefäl Klass VIII") is not in its final stages. Whats left is some medical care education next week and the certificate will soon be in my possesion...
Pictures from the education given by firesquad Västervik included in the education for yachtsmen given this spring