We are educating entry level and advanced sailors in various sailing disciplines according to the rules of the swedish sailing&boating organisation NFB

Most of the lessons are performed on our boats which gives a superior hands on experience

All logistics included, food and a place to sleep
Suggestions about our meny are welcome in due time before embarkation

The sailings is finished by visiting an authorized examinator. The examination is unfortunately performed in Swedish.
Some of the courses may be available in english, at least spoken.
Our courses is as follows:

• Förarintyg ("Skippers license")

• Seglarintyg ("Sailors license")
• Kustskeppare ("Coastal skipper")
• SRC / VHF (short range certificate)
• GPS-navigation (Global positioning system)
• Radar (Efficient RADAR management)
• AIS (Automatic Identification System)

  Educational Calendar 2008

beginning mo june 30 to july 2

GPS-navigation - SRC/VHF
3 days
You may select one or both courses

Fees textbooks excluded:
GPS: €330
SRC: €230
Both  €380
beginning sunday july 13 to july 20

 Förarintyg + Seglarintyg 1
7 dagars crashcourse in the beatutiful "Blue Coast" archipelago.
Course book in swedish, essentials translated to english.

There will be an interenetbased preparatory course one week in advance.
Price €750

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