Last millenium Chronicles

Once upon a time there was a man who called himself Captain Holmquist


He sailed the seas of Baltic taking paying crews, not taking too much notice of the almighty ghost of sjofartsverket, a strange beast residing on the western shores of the sea and normally a creature who should be handled with great delicacy and finesse.
Anyway, as time went by, so did the waters and here is a short chronicle of those sailings.


This document, found in the archives show  courses sailed in august 1994
Other sources gives another year and different routes!
What is true is that it was performed at the baltic west coast not too far from sjofartsverket...

Here is another document surely known to be created 1994 when the Captain was steering north passing Källskär earlier departed from the bay of Loftahammar in a ship type known as  Maxi95 made by the famous Swedish designer Pelle Pettersson.

No, it's not that boat over there!

Here the Captain is visible in the background at a store selling wood smoked fish . The site is slightly north  from the previous document. In the front, the crew in  relaxed positions unaware of the ghost.

mot Arkö

The trip continues in the following morning and the sea is calm as it has never been before.

In the front is the lighthouse of Espskärsgrund,  1M East Bondekrok
Sunrise the same morning at Stagelskär north of the small Olsö-straits.
What later happened to the crew and the Capain  after  those last documents is  shrouded in  thick mist. Some sources claims the boat was seen in the middle of the seas south of Hävringe but that has not been verified...

It is also true that the Captain reappeared the next year in a new ship and another crew which is  documented here